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Miha Mazzini: Collector of Names
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Fantazijski in ZF romani / Kriminalke in trilerji

Ocena: 78% | 15 ocen

Collector of Names

Miha Mazzini

Night on an island. The well behaved and polite demon will come from the woods and ask you for your name. If you answer, you are left without a name. Can anybody live without it? Even through that single night?

Lastnost Vrednost
Založnik Miha Mazzini
Prevod Maja Visenjak Limon
Leto izdaje 2018
Strani 121
Jezik angleški
Tip datoteke epub

Izvodov na voljo:

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  • Prost
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  • Zaseden

    Še 3 dni 35 min in 6 sekund

Dolg opis

Available in English for the first time by best selling Slovenian Author Miha Mazzini comes and unforgettable tale of terror, comradeship and survival. On an isolated island "The Name Collector" waits to fulfill his destiny to bring death and destruction upon the world. Standing in his way-Aco and his band of brothers- a geriatric fighting force that have been training and waiting for this day since childhood. As the Name Collector asks each his name he takes it. But what's in a name and can anyone survive without a name-even for one horrific night? "The Name Collector is a monster like no other"

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