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Miha Mazzini: Crumbs
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Miha Mazzini

Probably the most fascinating novel you will read this year. (Detroit Free Press, 2005)

Lastnost Vrednost
Založnik Miha Mazzini
Prevod Maja Visenjak Limon
Leto izdaje 2018
Strani 241
Jezik angleški
Tip datoteke epub
ISBN 9789619006474

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An immigrant worker from Bosnia falls in love with the actress Nastassja Kinski. To be able to approach her, he has to become famous himself. That's why he sets off on a journey to fame in a black comedy with a twist in its tale.

Egon is an amoral but charismatic writer, living on the breadline in a grim, unnamed communist factory town in Slovenia prior to the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. With little evidence of his real literary ambitions, he makes ends meet by writing trashy romances under a pseudonym. When not searching out sex with as many women as possible, or slagging off the literary establishment, Egon is full of schemes to feed his pathological need for the ruinously expensive aftershave, Cartier pour L'Homme. Around him Egon has gathered a motley crew of friends and acquaintances, each of whom also has an equally obsessive, unattainable ambition. Poet is desperate to have his verse published in a leather bound volume, Ibro is in love with Ajsha, a factory girl to whom he cannot utter a single word, while Selim is convinced he'll marry Nastassja Kinski, the world-famous actress. As Egon's attempts to secure more perfume become ever more degenerate, his grip on his own identity loosens. The consequences are messy, as grim as they are hilarious, and allude to a nation undergoing radical change. Crumbs is not only a ribald, dirty realist satire - a modern European classic - but also a fascinating and utterly unique commentary on the pathology of self-determination.

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