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Janez Mate: The faces of Guillain-Barré syndrome
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The faces of Guillain-Barré syndrome

Janez Mate

This work consists of two books. The first part is a belletristic text, explaining thinking and mind games I encountered during the treatment for Guillain-Barré syndrome. It should be noted that any movements described mentioned within the text are only descriptions of these games which assisted me during the treatment. I included my meditations which helped me shorten the time during my hospitalisation and rehabilitation. The second book includes the text published in my book My encounter with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which contains my experiences during my treatment and rehabilitation after the disease. Both books give a demanding reader an insight into the multiple facets of the disease – from subjective descriptions included in the first part to the more objective ones to be found in the second book.

Lastnost Vrednost
Založba Knjižnica Miklova hiša
Prevod Gordana Klun
Spremna beseda Matej Mate, Miran Mate, Jože Levstek and Stane Hafnar
Leto izdaje 2017
Strani 182
Jezik angleški
Tip datoteke epub
ISBN 9789619425336

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Dolg opis

                At first I started to write for therapeutic purposes, as a part of my therapy at home. Within my work therapy I started typing, at first I was only able to type using two pencils, and only for short periods of time. After a couple of months, I was already able to type using the middle finger, and later also my index finger. Typing was thus a very useful therapy for my fingers and arms. But writing was an especially good form of soul therapy, and it helped me face traumas caused by the disease. After twelve months, the words took shape into sentences forming chapters which speak about my encounter with the disease. I will be pleased if my experiences help patients and their relatives get to know certain facets of the Guillain-Barre syndrome. The book describes a number of experiences, similar to those encountered to patients with many other diseases.

                This book describes my experiences with the Guillain- Barré syndrom during the time of my hospitalisation at the Department of Neurology, and later during my rehabilitation at the University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia – Soča. Especially during the second period I learned about experiences of fifteen other patients suffering from the same disease.

From the accompanying words:

Jože Levstek ... It is difficult to imagine the procedures and therapies a patient must go through in order to master again the activities healthy people consider normal. Just as it is difficult to imagine the willpower, persistence and positive thinking an individual is capable of. I believe that the path to recovery is easier if you know somebody who had already travelled it, or is walking the path at the same time as you are.                                              

Stane Hafnar ... The book is non-technical, but contains the professional knowledge accessible to laypersons; it is enriched with impressions, perceptions and personal observations. It is an accurate chronicle, and as such even a visually tangible diary, combining a personal or even a literary story with a manual for general use. It is a lament and a complaint, which ultimately gives comfort. ...

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