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Evald Flisar: Tres obras de teatro
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Tres obras de teatro

Evald Flisar

Evald Flisar is one of the few Slovenian authors to have truly succeeded in making a breakthrough abroad. Not only that, it seems that Flisar, the author of fifteen plays and the most internationally-successful Slovenian playwright, is much more valued abroad than in his homeland: to date there have been 93 performances of his plays on professional stages on almost all the continents. He is the first (and so far the only) Slovenian playwright whose work has been performed in Islandic, Arabic, Bengali, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, and Belarussian. The book "Tres obras de teatro" (Three plays) brings together three representative Flisar plays – "What about Leonardo?", "Nora Nora", and "Antigone Now" – in Marjeta Drobnič’s Spanish translation. Also noteworthy is the foreword to the book: Jana Bauer’s portrait of the author is a creative collage of selected quotations about Flisar’s work.

Lastnost Vrednost
Založnik Društvo slovenskih pisateljev
Zbirka Litterae Slovenicae
Prevod Meta Drobnič
Spremna beseda Jana Bauer
Leto izdaje 2016
Strani 462
Jezik španski
Tip datoteke epub
ISBN 9789616995030

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