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Vladimir Bartol: Alamut (English)
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Zgodovinski, vojni, pustolovski romani

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Alamut (English)

Vladimir Bartol

Nothing is true; everything is permitted!

Lastnost Vrednost
Založnik Sanje
Prevod Michael Biggins
Leto izdaje 2007
Strani 440
Jezik angleški
Tip datoteke epub
ISBN 9789612745806

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Alamut is the first-ever English translation of Slovenian writer Vladimir Bartol’s near-forgotten masterpiece—a bestseller across Europe and translated into 19 languages nearly 60 years after its initial publication—based on the life and legend of the original “assassin” and world’s first political terrorist, 11th century Ismaili leader Hasan ibn Sabbah.
Revered by millions for his brilliance, and disdained by countless others for the reign of terror he spawned with his suicide missions, ibn Sabbah has inspired scores of writers throughout the centuries, including Rimbaud, Nerval, Borges and William Burroughs.
Much more than a prophetic treatise or political allegory on terrorism, Alamut is a gripping story of one man’s unmanacled drive to play God and the human price paid by the innocent to fuel that drive.

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